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Product Description

Isotretinoin is a prescription oral retinoid (vitamin A derivative) medication used primarily for severe, scarring nodular acne that has not responded to other treatments. The brand name formulation is called Accutane. It is highly effective at reducing oil production when taken daily for 4-6 months.


Buy isotretinoin online is a powerful medication offering exceptional clearance of stubborn, severe acne that can result in upsetting physical and emotional scarring if left untreated. By greatly reducing oil production from sebaceous glands, isotretinoin targets one of the primary root causes of acne formation. Just one full course of treatment can provide dramatically smooth, clear skin for many patients - with lasting results that may be permanent in some cases. In addition to remarkable skin improvements, many patients also experience boosted self-confidence and positive emotional health changes due to the significant reductions in painful cystic acne outbreaks and visible scarring achieved with isotretinoin therapy. By clearing up distressing skin issues, isotretinoin offers the potential for patients to enjoy renewed comfort and self-assurance..

How to Use

The typical isotretinoin dosage is 0.5 to 1 mg per kg of body weight daily, adjusted to your individual needs. I will explain your proper dose and frequency. Take each capsule with food to increase absorption. Do not chew or crush them. You’ll likely notice initial skin drying within 1-2 weeks, followed by a temporary worsening of breakouts around weeks 2-3 before it improves. Patience is essential.

Side Effects

While isotretinoin offers tremendous acne-clearing benefits, temporary mild side effects can occur as the body adjusts early in treatment. These may include manageable dryness of the skin or lips relieved by moisturizers/balms, occasional headaches, joint/muscle discomfort, and increased sun sensitivity requiring diligent daily SPF 30+ sunscreen use. Contact me if any worrisome or persistent symptoms arise so we can ensure your comfort and safety. Additionally, mood changes like depression have rarely been reported. Since clear skin can greatly boost self-image, it’s important we work closely to monitor emotional health as well. Please promptly communicate any feelings of sadness, irritability, or suicidal thoughts so medication can be discontinued if mood issues arise. My goal is providing not just clear skin, but also confident, positive well-being while using this powerful treatment. Together we will get you safely through the initial adjustment phase to reap all isotretinoin’s considerable benefits.  

Customer Reviews

Isotretinoin earns exceptionally high patient satisfaction marks - with many ranking it nothing short of life-changing. They often wish they had started treatment sooner after experiencing years of painful, cystic acne. While managing dryness early on requires some adjustment, an overwhelming majority report the dramatic clear skin results make it extremely worthwhile. In addition to smoother, blemish-free complexions, isotretinoin patients also delight in boosted confidence and self-esteem from finally overcoming chronic breakouts. Many recount exciting improvements across social, academic, athletic, romantic and even professional realms thanks to enhanced comfort simply being in their own skin. After facing acne-related discouragement for so long, they relish feeling attractive and ready to enjoy life again. From this profoundly expanded self-assurance, individuals describe embarking on fulfilling directions impossible before isotretinoin.


Q: Is isotretinoin safe for me?
A: Yes, isotretinoin has an excellent safety profile when taken as directed under medical supervision with routine lab testing and required pregnancy prevention practices. Both male and female patients must prevent pregnancy during and for one month after stopping this powerful teratogen.  

Q: How long does it take to see results?
A: Patience is essential, but most notice some initial skin drying within 1-2 weeks. Acne may seem to worsen around weeks 2-3, but then gradual improvements begin. Optimal clear skin often attained by months 4-5, though some require a 2nd course.

Q: Any special isotretinoin precautions?  
A: Avoid blood donations, minimize vitamin A supplements/foods high in vitamin A, avoid alcohol consumption, and do not wax (shaving only) during treatment due to sensitivity concerns. Promptly report severe symptoms like vision changes or severe abdominal pain which could indicate a rare but serious side effect requiring emergency care.

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